The Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation


We have learnt that desperate children and helpless communities are not only the aftermaths of wars or natural disasters in the developing world, but they are also equally present in the very communities in which funds are raised. Thus each year your donations to PKCF help support children and causes in the UK and abroad. 

We never lose sight of the fact that PKCF is ultimately only the caretaker and the messenger of collective goodwill. As such, every penny with which we are entrusted is spent with integrity and compassion as the guiding principles.

Emergency Disaster Relief

Since the Bam earthquake in 2003, it has been the practice of PKCF – at the behest of its supporters – to make special donations to Emergency Disaster Relief projects. Over the years, we have built on our understanding of how best to direct our contributions, ensuring maximum benefit to the ultimate recipients.

Projects in Iran

Bachehaye Ma Orphanage – Kerman

Bachehaye Aftab School For Afghan Refugee Children – Kerman

Hafez centre for Children with Down Syndrome – Kerman 

Hasan Soleiman Village – Kermanshah

7th Tir Home for Disabled Girls – Tehran

PKCF Vocational School for Girls – Tehran

PKCF Electrical & Mechanical Workshop for Boys – Karaj

Hakim Farabi Vocational School – Bam

Jafarabad Village School – Ghazvin

Football Programme – Shahre Rey

Medical Fund – throughout Iran

UK and Worldwide Charities

Bridge of Hope – UK based & Worldwide projects

Child Action Lanka – Sri Lanka

Hope for the Young – UK

Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association UK

>> Past Projects