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Update September 2021 – Impact of Your Generous Support

Dear Supporters,

We would like to thank you for your generous contributions to support the Covid pandemic and Afghan refugee crisis. We are grateful that your funds have enabled us to supply hospitals with critical medical equipment and to assist recently displaced refugees from Afghanistan. 

Our Response to the Covid Pandemic 

Hospitals in Iran are overwhelmed with patients and lack the beds and critical medical equipment needed to respond to the Covid crisis.  With your support, PKCF has procured and supplied the following items:

  1. Shariati Hospital, Tehran: Centralised suction machine (in partnership with Nikan charity)
  2. Afzalipour Hospital, Kerman: 20 oxygen cylinders, cardiac defibrillator, 10 oximeters and a medi pump for the paediatric ward
  3. Taleghani Hospital, Mashhad: Five wheelchairs and five medical trollies 
  4. Poursina Hospital, Rasht: Ten mechanical stretchers, five portable suction machines, ten wheelchairs, five digital thermometers
  5. Firoozabady Hospital, Shahre Rey: One EEG Machine for the children’s ward 
  6. Taleghani Hospital, Abadan: Five Bi Pap ventilators 

We are currently evaluating the needs of two hospitals in southern Khorasan and Boyer Ahmad. As in the past, our consultant will assess the needs of each hospital and guide our procurement.

Our Response to the Afghan Refugee Crisis

Words cannot describe the misery and desperation among both recent and old Afghan refugees in Iran. All refugees visited by our teams are illegal and live with the fear that they will be identified and forced to return to Afghanistan. In addition, due to their illegal status, they have no recourse to medicine, hospitalization, schooling, or jobs with entities that require registration.  With your help, PKCF has taken the following actions to help these refugees:

  1. We are in contact with UNHCR to receive referrals.
  2. We established two teams to verify that refugees introduced to us are legitimate and in need of immediate help, and to identify families with sick children and single mothers.
  3. We aided a single mother with two children by providing fees for the burial of her husband who died of Covid. We also assisted a pregnant mother with four children whose husband was shot by the Taliban by paying her hospital expenses after giving birth to a girl. We have also committed to covering the rent, food, clothing and medical costs of these two mothers and their children for the next six months. 
  4. We distributed food and sanitation packages to 120 families and have set aside funds to continue with our provision for the next six months.

It is with your generosity and support that we have been able to bring a little relief to the people who have been devastated by the Covid pandemic and displacement. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and pledge to do our very best to improve the lives of all those we reach. 

Mahnaz Larizadeh – Chair & Diana Khalatbari – CEO

Blessed is he who reaches out to those in need

Since 1998, the Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation (PKCF) has been a conduit between those facing challenges through poverty or ill health and those who have the resources and appetite to help them. Together we have financed education, equipped hospitals, created opportunities and built schools and orphanages.

Understanding that poverty and misfortune are not just consequences of war or natural disaster but exist similarly in otherwise safe and stable parts of the world, we have been mindful of the need for our work not just in distant places but in the very communities where we live and often thrive.

Over two decades, we have distributed almost £7 million across a variety of projects, with a mandate to bring light to those who are otherwise living in the shadow of hopelessness, regardless of who or where they are. These funds – and help in kind – have come to us from supporters across the globe who share our values and trust us to be the instruments of their goodwill and generosity. With the privilege of this immense responsibility, we are conscious of the need for us to act with integrity, transparency and compassion, and we welcome all who show an interest in finding out more about our projects and our governance.

We look forward to welcoming you to the PKCF family.

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