The Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation

PKCF Vocational School for Girls

توانا بود هر که دانا بود
Knowledge is Power

PKCF Vocational School for Girls– Tehran, Iran

Constructed by PKCF and inaugurated in 2005, the school is currently attended by 430 girls who – in addition to the standard school curriculum – are given the additional opportunity to study accountancy, computer sciences and physical education.

Until 2016, PKCF funded maintenance of the school and purchased computers and other essentials. However, our model for self-sufficiency has proved to be a success and, through rental of the gymnasium and facilities outside of school hours, as well as a small tuition income, the school is now able to meet its own financial obligations. Profits are allocated to school maintenance, operations and equipment upgrades, as necessary.

PKCF maintains its close links and oversight of the management not just through frequent visits but also through representation on the board of Trust.

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