The Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation

Jafarabad Village School

First day of school year Autumn 2019

Jafarabad Village School – Ghazvin, Iran

Back in 2006 in the impoverished village of Jafarabad in Ghazvin afforded few opportunities to its children. Following the construction of the PKCF School, 147 local children have been educated from kindergarten to 6th grade.

The school also provides summer courses teaching music and sports. PCKF continues to finance maintenance and improvements, purchase the uniforms and provide a nutritious morning meal.

We also fund school excursions to museums and recreational outings. Some of the children have serious medical needs, mostly due to family intermarriage at a very young age. From our medical fund, we supplement any treatments that are required.  We are incredibly proud of the perceptible improvements in the children’s educational achievements and behaviour. We pledge to continue to support this very deserving community.

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