The Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation

Medical Fund

Medical Fund – throughout Iran

Operating Room at Aliasghar Hospital

Since 2014 PKCF has constructed and refurbished operating rooms, a haematology ward, PICU, NICU and ICU at hospitals including the following: Ali Asghar Children’s Hospital, Markaz Tebi Koodakan, Bahrami Children’s Hospital and Shariati Hospital. We have also covered the costs for air purification units, auxiliary power generators, and elevators.

Often children from impoverished backgrounds with dire medical needs are referred to our social workers. Each case is assessed and accordingly referred to the hospital for treatment and follow up care. Over 500 children including reconstructive plastic surgery, cardiac surgery, spinal cord surgery, orthopaedic surgery, cochlear implants & bone marrow transplants.

We aim to continue with this partnership, furnishing medical care for as many children as possible, as well as continuing to assist with the purchase of medical equipment where it is within our means to do so.

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