The Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation

Bachehaye Ma Orphanage

4-year-olds from the Bachehaye Ma Orphanage ready
to start nursery in the Autumn of 2019

Bachehaye Ma Orphanage – Kerman, Iran

PKCF is proud to continue funding all the expenses of this exemplary organisation who’s name means ‘Our Children’. Following the devastating earthquake in Bam in 2003, many children were left orphaned. In 2004 the Tavakoli family inaugurated a centre to house and care for 15 orphaned children. In 2005 PKCF funded the construction of two homes on land purchased by the Tavakoli family. The centre has continued to grow, currently consisting of 5 homes, a library and IT room. There is also a fully equipped sewing workshop on the premises, run by the older girls. They make bedding and clothes for the other children, learning skills along the way. This has become a successful enterprise and is allowing the girls to earn a small wage as well as help the Centre. Under the management of the amazing Roshahank Tavakoli, this centre is currently home to 72 children from the age of 4.

Seven children have special needs and attend special schools. The children are nurtured and brought up as one large family. They leave as adults after completing their higher education but the ties with the Centre remain long after they have left.

Some of the achievements of the wonderful children:

  • Parisa graduated in Hotel Management, married, and works for an airline company.
  • Sanaz received her BA and MA in Accounting and is working for a large accountancy firm in Kerman. She is currently living at the Centre and helping with their accounts.
  • Arezoo is a Law Graduate. She is living at the Centre whilst studying for her bar exams, as well as helping her younger siblings with their studies. 
  • Nazy is in her last year of university studying Phycology.
  • Fati graduated from a Fashion Design college and now manages the Sewing workshop.
  • Hamid is studying Aviation at University.
  • Soroush is a National Swimming Champion and a member of the Iranian Youth Paralympic Team.
  • Abu, Mehdi, Mohamad-Reza are talented football players. Moeen plays for the young Kerman Copper Football Club.
  • Ehsan, Ali, & Reza graduated from technical colleges and are now working as electricians, mechanics, and plumbers.

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