The Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation

Emergency Disaster Relief

Since the Bam earthquake in 2003, it has been the practice of PKCF – at the behest of its supporters – to make special donations to emergency disaster relief projects. Over the years, we have built on our understanding of how best to direct our contributions, ensuring maximum benefit to the ultimate recipients.

2018, 2019 & 2020

Golestan Aftermath the floods PKCF distributed 360 essential food and hygiene packages to the worst affected villages 

Kermanshah 22 villages including Hassan Soleiman where we built a school, were without water for more than three years as all the pipes were damaged during the earthquake. In partnership with Children of Persia Charity, donors in Iran, Saman Cement Co in Kermanshah who supervised the project, donated funds and cement. Eight kilometres of pipes were laid and three new reservoirs constructed. All the inhabitants of the 22 villages are now enjoying running water in their homes.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic UK and Iran

In the UK funds were donated to three charities to supply food and PPE to the NHS and to the Hammersmith Food Bank.

In Iran, 542 families below the poverty line in desperate need have been identified by our representative in Ghazvin, Kerman, Kermanshah, Shahr-e Rey, Sistan, Baluchestan, and Yazd to receive essential food and hygiene packages monthly for the next 3 months.

In partnership with Nikan, PKCF contributed to the urgent purchase of an oxygen-producing machine which has already been installed at the Taleghani Hospital, one of the main hospitals treating Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients.

You can donate online by visiting the Donations page.