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Football Programme

Football Programme

Football Programme – Shahre Rey, Iran

This programme was initiated by Tarek Ben Brahim in 2014 as a summer project. It proved to be very popular and beneficial for the boys who would have otherwise been street working children.

Six times a week in the summer and twice a week in the winter, the Popli Football Club gives 140 Afghan refugee children and impoverished Iranian children a space to play and partake in this team sport.  Aged 7 and 17 the children are taught discipline, teamwork and a chance to have fun and an escape from their otherwise difficult childhoods. PKCF employ two coaches, 2 assistant coaches, and a social worker on hand who monitors the children’s needs and engages their parents when problems arise.

Annually, PKCF supplies 2 sets of uniforms and shoes for each boy as well as all necessary football equipment. Nutritious snacks are also provided. Most of the Afghan children are not covered by national insurance and sadly many are in need of health care which they cannot afford. PKCF medical fund covers part of these needs. As most families are below the poverty line, PKCF distributes 61 food packages to the neediest on a monthly basis.

Mr Hooman Kazemnia, our representative, tirelessly supervises all aspects of this project.

Volunteers are welcome to apply for the summer programme, for details please check the Volunteer Programmes page.

You can donate online by visiting the Donations page.